Double Profit Offer


Orbex দিলো Double profit offer.. অর্থাত আপনি যদি ১ ডলার Profit করেন তাহলে Orbex আপনাকে আরো ১ ডলার। তাহলে আপনি প্রফিট করলেন ১ ডলার আর পাচ্ছেন ২ ডলার।   দ্বিগুণ মুনাফা ম্যাচ করা হবে মে 26-জুন 22 তারিখের মধ্যে সর্বোচ্চ 3,000 USD.  এখানে   লুকানো  কোনো শর্ত নেইঅনুরূপভাবে,  দ্বিগুণ  মুনাফা চলাকালে  এখানে কোন  রকম   বিধিনিষেধ  নেই। 

মিনিমাম ডিপোজিট:  ২০০০$

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নিয়মাবলী নিচে দেয়া হল


1.       This campaign is applicable only for :

           a.       New clients who register and open  real accounts between 26th of May to 22nd of June 2014 AND;

           b.      None funded clients.

2.       Existing funded clients can’t participate in this campaign.

3.       Campaign duration is from May 26th, 2014 until June 22nd 2014.

4.       To enrol in this campaign you should deposit a Minimum of US$ 2000 in your trading account.

5.       The Double Profit amount shall be calculated based on the net profits available (if any) in the equity of the client account as of June 22nd, 2014, the double up amount  is limited to US$            3000, if the client earned profits exceeding US$ 3000, S/he is  entitled only to US$ 3,000 extra money from Orbex.

6.       To claim your double up profit please click here to and fill the form after June 22nd 2014.

7.       There are no transaction restrictions on the client account in terms of closed lots or withdrawal restrictions, no hidden conditions.

8.       Calculation of the net profit at the end of the campaign period will be based on the following equation :

           End of campaign equity – Redeposit + Withdrawals – initial equity

9.       This offer is not valid for ECN accounts.

10.   Orbex Trading Terms and condition apply.

11.   Sub accounts are not included in this campaign.

12.   Account cannot benefit from any new or other existing offers during the campaign period.

13.   By participating in the campaign, you are disclosing your details to Orbex and 3rd parties, and you give Orbex and their 3rd parties the permission to announce your name and profits                   earned in the context of this promotion.

14.   Orbex reserves the right to change the campaign  rules & conditions at any time without prior notice.