FBS দিচ্ছে 5$ No deposit bonus



FBS ফরেক্স ব্রোকার দিচ্ছে ৫ ডলার নো ডিপোজিট বোনাস. একটি micro account খুলে verify করলেই আপনার একাউন্টে 5$ চলে আসবে. বোনাস দিয়ে ট্বেড করতে পারবেন এবং যেকোন সময় Profit withdraw করতে পারবেন. withdraw করার সময় 7$ fee কাটবে  একবারের জন্য.  এর পর আর কোন fee কাটবে না. যত profit করবেন সবই withdraw করতে পারবেন. এবং লট পুুরন হলে বোনাসও withdraw করতে পারবেন. একাউন্ট করার জন্য এই লিংক এ ক্লিক করুন...

Open a FBS micro account for 5$ free bonus


Promotion Rules

  • Bonus value is 5 USD.
  • Bonus can be granted to “Cent” accounts only.
  • In case your account had been deposited prior to getting a 5$ bonus, bonus funds are not credited.
  • Mobile phone verification is an obligatory procedure prior to receiving 5 USD Bonus.
  • Personal Area has to be verified. To verify a Personal Area, please submit your personal ID scan and an address proof in your FBS Personal Area.
  • It is obligatory to connect your Facebook profile to your FBS Personal Area in order to receive 5 USD Bonus.
  • By the time of connection to FBS Personal Area your Facebook profile should exist for at least 2 months and have at least 20 friends.
  • Profit from trading on a bonus account can be withdrawn anytime.
  • The cost of the 1st withdrawal from a bonus account is 7 USD. These funds are deducted from the 1st withdrawal only. All the next withdrawals are free.
  • It is necessary to leave a feedback about FBS services on your Facebook timeline when you make your 1st withdrawal request from a bonus account. A feedback form is available in the withdrawal request.
  • Every client may have ONLY ONE bonus account. In case several bonus accounts are found belonging to one person (or if such suspicions arise, including IP address match, contact info match, etc), all the bonuses will be cancelled, your profit will be cancelled, and your account will be blocked
  • It is prohibited to work via proxies or any other software modifying the real IP address.
  • FBS IB does not receive an IB commission from trading on 5 USD Cash Reward.
  • FBS reserves the right to decline client’s bonus application without assigning any reason and prior notification.